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TikTok Ads - why is it worth it?

TikTok Ads is a solution for businesses looking to reach Generation Z and millenials. Younger audiences go to TikTok for education or inspiration, which aligns beautifully with the mission of many businesses. Thanks to the relatively small number of advertisers, the cost per click on TikTok Ads can sometimes be much lower than on Meta Ads.


Reaching the young user

Expand your audience - Generation Z and Millennials make up over 90% of TikTok users.


Authentic and engaging ads

TikTok users find ads on the platform
more interesting and credible than
on other channels.


A wide range of targeting options

Benefit from the power of one of the best algorithms for analysing audience behaviour.

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Lena Zajączkowska
Head of SEM

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Lena Zajączkowska
Head of SEM

Just fill out the form
– leave the rest to us.

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We adapt the strategy to the specific needs and goals of your company.

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Specialized knowledge

We know how to effectively manage advertising budgets to achieve better results.

Global campaigns

We are ready to conquer foreign markets.

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At SEM House, we do not stick to rules and off-the-shelf solutions. We offer you the full range of possibilities, even with a smaller budget. And we have really good prices – check it out!

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Learn more about TikTok Ads

TikTok is a platform that allows users to create and share videos recorded with mobile devices. Recipients can watch videos from the accounts they follow or those suggested by the app’s algorithm on the “For You” page. Ads appear between the organic content, including in the form of short videos – these are the TikTok Ads. You can run campaigns using the auction model (where you pay for clicks, views or conversions such as app installs) or the booking model(where prices are pre-determined and creatives should be created in collaboration with TikTok).

There are several ad formats available as part of the service:

  • In-Feed Ads – displayed between user material,
  • Brand Premium – in-feed ad with an exposed CTA button,
  • TopView – video displayed when the application is launched,
  • Brand Takeover – also displayed when the application is launched, but can be static,
  • OneDay Max – video shown to users after approximately 5 videos have been played,
  • Brand Effect – filters, stickers and other effects that users can apply to their material to increase brand awareness,
  • Hashtag Challenge – unique to TikTok, a highly creative campaign that invites users to take part in a 6-day challenge.

You don’t even need to have an account on the platform to use TikTok Ads, but if you do, you can promote selected materials with Spark Ads.

TikTok is growing extremely fast (over 1.5 billion users worldwide!), but high reach is not the only advantage of this platform from an advertiser’s perspective. Among the advantages of TikTok Ads are also the competitive prices (compared to Meta Ads, for example). Using TikTok to promote your brand allows you to effectively reach a young audience. At the same time, research indicates that users find ads on TikTok more engaging and less intrusive than campaigns on other platforms.

Advertising on TikTok is perceived as interesting and trustworthy by the app’s users, but only if the medium is used skilfully. The key to an effective TikTok Ads campaign is to adapt to the specifics of the platform. Preparing an interesting, potentially viral creation is only the first step. Setting an advertising goal, choosing the right ad format and collaboration model, targeting, monitoring results – all these activities look a little different on TikTok than on Google Ads, Meta Ads or LinkedIn. Therefore, if you want to promote your brand on this platform, you need the support of SEM specialists. By choosing to work with SEM House, you can be sure that you are taking full advantage of TikTok’s advertising potential.

The cost of TikTok Ads depends primarily on the ad format you choose. Prices for In-Feed Ads are much lower than for the other formats, not least because they can be used by multiple companies at the same time, whereas TopView or OneDay Max “reserve” a specific TikTok ad space for one brand for a specific period of time. The most commonly used billing unit is not CPC (cost per click) but CPM – cost per mille (1,000 impressions). You can set a daily or lifetime budget for your activity, i.e. for the entire duration of the campaign. According to TikTok’s policy, the daily budget for a group of ads should not be less than $20, and at the campaign level – less than $50. The platform offers a budget optimization tool, but if you don’t want to burn through your budget, the key is to set campaign goals wisely in the first place and optimise during the campaign as well.

A presence on TikTok will benefit any brand looking to expand its audience. Most of the platform’s users are young people, so TikTok Ads offer a unique opportunity to reach them with your message. There are at least a few industries where advertising on TikTok can be particularly profitable:

  • Fashion – users of the platform look to it for inspiration for their own style, brag about shopping hauls and ask others for advice on how to dress, so it’s a great place to promote a fashion brand;
  • Beauty – many of the latest makeup or skincare trends come from TikTok! Take advantage of this when advertising your beauty products or services;
  • Health and fitness – a healthy lifestyle is very important to TikTok users. You are sure to find people who may be interested in your workout program, exercise app or diet catering;
  • Entertainment – that’s what TikTok is all about. If you are involved in organizing events or have a new game to offer, it is worth using this platform to promote them;
  • Education – more and more people are using TikTok as a source of knowledge and inspiration. Build an expert brand image with it, sell language courses, present your book – the possibilities are numerous;
  • E-commerce – if you run an online store, it’s a good idea to showcase your range on TikTok. Here you will find ad formats dedicated to e-commerce, plus up to 33% of users admit to having bought a product advertised on this platform.