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We offer to take care of the technical search engine optimisation. With us, you will refine your website’s performance and gain much better results and visibility.

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Why is it worth buying technical analysis?

Technical analysis is the key to understanding how different search engines read and evaluate the structure of your website. A professional domain condition report reveals the most significant technical errors that are hindering your ability to appear high in search results. In many cases, a few minor changes can significantly improve your ranking.


You will get to know the condition of the site


Identify imperfections


You will find new possibilities


You will develop a strategy


Increase visibility


You will create a better user experience


Develop website traffic


Improve your ability to convert

Who can benefit from technical analysis?

Before you invest valuable time in creating content for your customers, make sure they find your website. Technical analysis is recommended for any company/person that operates globally, nationally and also locally. Regardless of the area of operations, the technical parameters of a website are the starting point in the SEO process.

For whom?

Companies/individuals related to the e-commerce industry who want to increase the visibility of websites in search results

Companies/persons whose domains are experiencing significant declines in free search results

SEO agencies that care about acquiring external links on a large scale and creating high-quality content in Polish and foreign languages

Marketers who want to build brand recognition

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Find out more about technical analysis

An SEO technical analysis is the process of evaluating your website to see how well it performs in the various search engines. A technical audit does not cover the content of the website, but focuses only on its structure and technical aspects. Nevertheless, it is essential to include them in your SEO strategy.

Technical analysis of websites is an excellent tool for uncovering the secrets of missed marketing targets. Long loading times, lack of security certificates, indexing problems? These are potential factors lowering your conversion!

Take note of the following factors when considering whether your site needs technical analysis:

  • Your new website has launched and you’re wondering if everything is working properly?
  • Want to build your company’s online visibility and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you carrying out a site redesign, redesign or migration?
  • Despite an effective marketing strategy, are you noticing a sudden drop in organic traffic?
  • New competitors have appeared in your industry and overtaken you in the search results?
  • Are you losing a lot of links to your domain or, conversely, gaining a significant number of inbound links?
  • Do you suspect that a search engine algorithm update has negatively affected your website’s visibility?
  • Are you already implementing SEO measures and want to verify that you are doing it right?

If you answer yes to at least one of the above questions, we invite you to talk to our specialists – it may mean that your very site needs an in-depth technical analysis.

The duration of the technical analysis depends on several factors, such as the size of the site, its specifics and its level of sophistication. For a small site in a non-competitive niche, the process can be much quicker. For larger sites, a longer analysis is usually needed to consider all aspects. Therefore, waiting times can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the specific circumstances and priorities of the project.

SEO guidelines are constantly changing. With each search engine algorithm update, the industry must react and adapt its strategies accordingly. Similarly, your website – it’s a living, constantly changing organism. Even if you don’t notice glaring technical issues, it’s worth performing regular technical analysis of your website.

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