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Why buy an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is designed to help you find out what kind of actions you need to take to hit the high positions in search results.


You will receive a detailed analysis of the site


We will point out the technical problems


We will perform a website performance report


We will analyze the keywords


We will conduct a detailed competitive analysis


We will carefully check the link profile


We will assess the level of optimisation performed


We will carry out a website view analysis

Who can benefit from an SEO audit?

It is a good idea to perform periodic SEO audits, but there is no clear distinction as to how often it should be carried out. You should certainly work on your domain regularly and monitor the effects of changes. An audit can be carried out on an existing site as well as one that is still in the design phase.

For whom?

Companies/individuals related to the e-commerce industry who want to increase the visibility of websites in search results

Companies/persons whose domains are experiencing significant declines in free search results

SEO agencies that care about acquiring external links on a large scale and creating high-quality content in Polish and foreign languages

Marketers who want to build brand recognition

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Find out more about SEO audits

An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website in order to assess its optimisation for search engines, mainly Google. The process involves identifying potential issues that may affect a website’s visibility in search results and proposing solutions to improve its position. An SEO audit examines technical elements, content and inbound links to ensure that the website is compliant with best optimisation practices.

Conducting an SEO audit is valuable for several reasons:

  1. Detection of technical problems – an audit can reveal problems such as 404 errors, indexing issues or slow page loading, which can negatively affect search engine ranking.
  2. Content optimization– content analysis helps to understand whether existing material is relevant to the targeted keyword, whether it is unique and whether it provides value to users.
  3. Backlink studya SEO audit can identify unhealthy or harmful links coming into your site, which can lead to penalties from Google.
  4. Competitive analysis will show how your site compares to competitors in terms of SEO optimisation, which will indicate potential areas for improvement.
  5. Recommendations and strategy – at the end of the audit, you get a set of specific recommendations that you can implement to improve your website’s visibility in search results.
  6. Increase visibility and traffic – pwell-conducted audit and implementation of recommendations can lead to an increase in the visibility of the website in search results, which translates into more traffic and potentially more revenue.
  7. Adaptation to changing guidelines – Search engines, especially Google, regularly update their algorithms. With an SEO audit, you can ensure that your website is updated and compliant with the latest guidelines.

In short, an SEO audit is a key tool for anyone who wants to improve the visibility of their website, understand its current shortcomings and adapt to SEO best practices..

Conducting an SEO audit often requires the use of specialized tools that help identify various aspects of a website. Here are some popular tools used for SEO auditing:

  1. Google Search Console – a free tool from Google that provides information about how the search engine views your site. You can find information about indexing errors, page status, clicks and much more.
  2. Google Analytics – another tool from Google that provides detailed information on site traffic, traffic sources, user behaviour, etc.
  3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider – one of the most popular tiebreakers that analyses pages for errors, redirects, titles, metadata and many other aspects of SEO.
  4. SENUTO – SEO tool that offers a range of advanced functionalities and data is refresh daily.
  5. Ahrefs – an advanced tool for inbound link analysis, competition, keyword analysis and site audit.
  6. SEMrush – offers a range of features, including competitive analysis, keyword research and SEO auditing.
  7. GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights – website performance analysis tools that help identify factors that slow down the loading of a page.
  8. Mobile-Friendly Test a tool from Google that checks whether a website is optimised for mobile devices.
  9. Sitebulb – an intuitive SEO audit tool with graphical reports and practical tips.

Of course, there are many other tools, both paid and free, that can be used depending on your specific audit requirements. The choice of tools depends on the scale of the site, the budget and the specific aspects you want to examine.

An SEO audit is a valuable tool for many types of websites. Here are situations where an SEO audit is worthwhile:

  • Corporate and business websites – if you want to improve your company’s visibility in search results, an audit will help identify areas for improvement.
  • Online stores – due to the large number of products and categories, e-commerce often suffers from SEO challenges such as duplicate content or indexing problems.
  • Blogs and content sites – for those who want to attract organic traffic through content, the audit will help optimise posts and page structures.
  • Local pages – for companies that focus on local customers, an SEO audit can focus on optimising for local searches.
  • News portals and magazines– due to a lot of content and frequently changing content, an audit is essential to ensure that the site is correctly indexed and visible.
  • Start-up sites – start-ups can use an SEO audit to establish an optimisation strategy from the outset.
  • Government and education websites – although these sites do not always compete in a traditional business environment, SEO optimisation can help them reach more citizens or students.
  • Nonprofit websites – NPOs can use SEO auditing to increase visibility among potential donors and those interested in their mission.
  • Sites that have undergone rebranding or migration – various technical and structural problems can arise after such changes. An audit will help to ensure that all elements are in place.
  • Sites that have experienced a sharp drop in traffic – if your website suddenly loses visibility in search results, an audit can help identify potential problems, such as penalties from Google or technical errors.

In fact, any website that depends on search engine visibility and wants to improve its online presence should have regular SEO audits. Even if a site is not experiencing any obvious problems, regular SEO reviews will help to ensure that it is updated and in line with the best practices.

Yes! Once the audit has been completed, we not only provide detailed recommendations, but also offer support in implementing the suggested improvements to ensure that your website achieves optimum performance in the search results. Our aim is not only to identify problems, but also to actively support you in solving them.

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