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Meta Ads - why is it worth it?

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram enables reaching precisely defined target groups using the vast reach of both platforms. If you aim to build brand awareness, engage users, and acquire new customers, Meta Ads will be an effective tool in your company’s marketing strategy.


Advanced targeting

Meta Ads provide unique opportunities for precise audience targeting based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and their connection to your business.


Diversity of advertising formats

Stand out from the competition with a wide range of ad formats at your disposal: from banners, through carousels, collections, and stories, to videos.

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Meta Ads offer the opportunity for advertising across multiple channels: not only on Facebook or Instagram, but also on Messenger and Audience Network.

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Lena Zajączkowska
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Lena Zajączkowska
Head of SEM

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Learn more about Meta Ads

Meta Ads (formerly Facebook Ads) is a paid social media advertising service provided by Meta, the owner of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Threads. With a vast number of users worldwide, Meta Ads offer a unique opportunity to reach a large audience with specific characteristics or interests. Meta Ads advertising campaigns can be conducted across several available platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, as well as Audience Network, reaching over 100,000 websites and apps working with Meta.

Meta Ads offer unique opportunities for increasing brand visibility, shaping its image, and building an engaged community around it. To fully use the potential of this tool, it is worth using the support of experts. At SEM House, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the tools and technologies of the Meta system, we will design and implement a campaign that effectively reaches your potential customers. Our SEM specialists will prepare a strategy tailored to your company’s goals and target groups most attractive to your business. Meta Ads campaigns executed by SEM House will not only enhance your visibility but also translate it into increased traffic, leads, and sales.

In fact, you decide how much you will spend on a Meta Ads campaigns. The cost of advertising on FB depends on various factors: target audience, competition, and even the type of device on which it will be displayed. An essential factor in setting the pricing for Facebook advertising is specifying the campaign objectives – whether it’s generating traffic, engagement, messages, video views, specific leads, or app installations. You’re charged for each achieved objective (conversion), but specific rates can vary significantly.

So then, how much does advertising on Instagram cost? Similarly, the cost varies depending on the target audience, goals, competition, and the season in your industry. It’s commonly assumed that advertising on IG is usually more expensive than on FB, but it doesn’t have to be the case – proper campaign optimization can result in favorable rates. It’s worth remembering that the best results are usually achieved through multi-channel actions, and with Meta Ads, you have several platforms at your disposal.

If you haven’t started your own Meta Ads campaign yet, before speaking with a SEM House consultant, consider what goals you aim to achieve through social media advertising and which groups you want to reach with your service or product. We will want to learn as much as possible about your business, which will allow us to create a strategy tailored to your needs. If you have active campaigns but are not satisfied with their performance, we’ll review their configuration and past results. We’ll help you optimize your social media efforts to maximize the benefits derived from them.

A well-planned and set up campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger will typically start working almost immediately – you’ll observe user actions very quickly. Similar to all marketing endeavors, tangible and stable outcomes will require some patience. Meta algorithms “learn” the behaviors of your target audience and optimize the campaign as it progresses. SEM specialists should oversee and modify actions as necessary. This optimization process usually takes a few weeks, and it’s after this time that you can expect to achieve the maximum potential of Meta Ads.