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Google Ads is an ideal solution for companies that want to effectively promote their products or services online – and see results right away. If you are looking for an effective way to increase your online visibility and attract new customers, this is the perfect tool for you.

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Quick and measurable results

Google Ads provides results shortly after launching the campaign

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Precision Targeting

Targeted advertising to an audience with a real interest in your product.


Cost control and optimization

You decide independently how much you allocate for ads

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Lena Zajączkowska
Head of SEM

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Lena Zajączkowska
Head of SEM

Just fill out the form
– Leave the rest to us.

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SEM House is:

Personalized strategy

We adapt the strategy to the specific needs and goals of your company.

Development and adaptation

We track trends and adapt to the evolving advertising landscape to ensure you have a competitive edge in the market.

Specialized knowledge

We know how to effectively manage advertising budgets to achieve better results.

Global campaigns

We are ready to conquer foreign markets.

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At SEM House, we do not stick rigidly to rules and ready-made solutions. We offer you the full spectrum of possibilities even with a smaller budget. And we have really good prices – check it out!

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Learn more about Google Ads

Google Ads is the fastest way to gain search engine visibility and promote your business online. By choosing to work with SEM House, you’ll be assured that your campaign will reach a precisely targeted audience, ensuring you don’t overspend your budget on ineffective actions. Our SEM experts will prepare a customized strategy for you, tailored to your goals and the specifics of the industry in which you operate, as well as market trends and technological changes. Are you interested in foreign markets? We have experience in global SEM activities and can support your business in international expansion. Moreover, the costs of managing Google Ads campaigns at SEM House are really competitive – ask for a quote and see for yourself!

The minimum cost of a Google Ads campaign depends on the competitiveness of the industry, keywords, as well as your goals. When starting out, you don’t have to allocate large sums right away. Google recommends starting with a smaller budget, monitoring effectiveness and increasing spending gradually. If you are not sure what budget to allocate to Google Ads to make advertising as effective and profitable as possible, consult an SEM expert who will analyze your situation and choose the optimal action strategy.

Yes, Google Ads campaigns are an investment that can bring significant benefits in a short period of time. With paid advertising, you will quickly and effectively reach interested individuals with your products and services, leading to high conversion rates. You can compete even with the largest companies with many years of experience on the market. Therefore, Google Ads is a perfect solution for businesses that are just starting to build brand recognition on the Internet. It’s worth remembering that the key to success is a good strategy, monitoring actions, and reacting to changing conditions.

It depends on whether you are just starting out or already using paid search advertising but are not satisfied with the results so far. In the first case, a Google Ads specialist will primarily ask you for information about your business, your needs, and expectations, in order to prepare a personalized SEM strategy. However, if you have a Google Ads account and run campaigns, our consultant will analyze them in terms of settings and conversions, and then propose a strategy that will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of online advertising.

Very fast! A well-configured Google Ads advertising campaign can yield initial results within just a few hours of being launched. However, it is assumed that the effectiveness of a campaign and the stability of achieved results are best verified after 3 months. Such analysis will allow for a reliable assessment of the effectiveness of the adopted strategy and its further optimization.

The moment you’ll see tangible results is influenced by many factors. Primarily, these include the competitiveness in your industry and the popularity of selected keywords. Additionally, proper Google Ads setup and campaign management, along with the budget allocated to it, play crucial roles. The attractiveness of the products/services themselves and the quality of your website are also important. Therefore, for achieving the best results, it’s worthwhile to plan actions for at least a few months and also consult with a Google Ads specialist or entrust the campaign management to a professional SEM agency.