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Advertising on LinkedIn is an easy way to reach professionally active people who are ready and willing to share information about their work, education, and passion. With detailed impact measurements and the ability to test different strategies, you can achieve your business goals faster and more effectively.

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LinkedIn offers a wide range of ad formats: text, image, video, interactive.

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Lena Zajączkowska
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Learn more about LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is a paid advertising service on LinkedIn, the world’s largest social networking platform for professional and business connections. It is especially recommended for B2B companies due to its ability to target specific industries or positions.

An advertiser on LinkedIn has several formats to choose from:

  • Text Ads – appearing on the desktop only. In addition to the headline and brief content, they can include graphics (typically logos), but they are not displayed in all locations on the platform.
  • Sponsored Content – appearing in the news feed of the selected target audience on each device. It can be a single image, a carousel, a video, or a job ad.
  • Dynamic Ads – changing to match the viewer, for example, their name or profile picture. They can be used to attract new followers (Follower Ads), promote a specific product or service (Spotlight Ads) or event (Event Ads), and find an employee by targeting them with a job offer.
  • Message Ads – sent directly to users’ inboxes. A more sophisticated interaction is possible with Conversation Ads, where the content of the ad depends on the user’s response.

The ad format should be aligned with the goals of LinkedIn Ads campaigns, which are divided there into 3 main categories: awareness, interest and conversions.

LinkedIn Ads appear in different locations depending on the format you choose: Sponsored Content appears on the homepage between organic content, Dynamic Ads – on the right side of the news feed or a profile. Text Ads are displayed at the top or right side of the feed. Message Ads go directly to users’ inboxes.

Please note that not all ad formats will display on mobile devices. Both Text Ads and Sponsored Content are only available on the PC version.

LinkedIn Ads is an excellent advertising tool for any company interested in creating a professional image and precision targeting. Because LinkedIn users provide their own information and at the same time ensure that it is comprehensive and reliable, LinkedIn is far ahead of other platforms in terms of data reliability and therefore effectiveness in generating leads from advertising. With the support of SEM House experts, you can maximize the potential of LinkedIn Ads. We help you identify and target the right audience for your business, and advise you on creative and the best ad format. We provide analytical tools to effectively monitor the campaign, and at the end of the campaign you will receive a detailed report of all activities and results. By letting SEM House professionally manage your campaign, you can be confident that your investment in LinkedIn Ads will deliver tangible results.

Like no other advertising platform, LinkedIn Ads allow you to effectively reach professionals in your chosen industry or in specific positions, such as executives or purchasing managers. It is worth noting that LinkedIn has more than 900 million registered users in over 200 countries around the world!

The type of user information LinkedIn may provide includes the standard age, gender, and location:

  • position and function within the organization,
  • work experience (seniority, employment history),
  • education (completed schools and courses) and skills,
  • professional interests (group affiliations).

User profiles are linked to specific companies, which in turn share information about the company’s industry or size. All of this makes LinkedIn Ads an invaluable tool for executing B2B marketing activities, as well as recruiting.

Advertising on LinkedIn costs more than, for example. Google Ads or Meta Ads. The minimum daily campaign budget on LinkedIn is $10. You can be charged on a CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) or CPV (cost per video view if you choose this ad format) model. Rates are based primarily on the competitiveness of a given target and the goal of the campaign.

Because LinkedIn Ads are considered one of the more expensive performance marketing tools, it is especially important to configure the campaign well and then carefully analyze its effectiveness. Mistakes in preparing and executing a campaign on LinkedIn can cost you dearly. That’s why it’s a good decision to leave it in the hands of SEM experts who will use their knowledge and experience to provide you with satisfactory results from advertising on LinkedIn.