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In the case of this client, the focus had to be on three types of subpages on the site:

  1. subpages of selected categories that directly presented the offer,
  2. Product subpages (there were often questions about a specific product),
  3. activities in the guidance section, which aimed to transfer traffic to categories and products.


To this had to be added the strengthening of the homepage, designed to gain traffic from phrases with very high search volume.

Challenges and initial status

The client was not satisfied with the activities carried out over the past five years. The overriding goal, therefore, was to focus on the so-called “”new” and “new”. “start-up activities,” i.e., works that could produce quick results. They were supposed to make the client believe in SEO and start increasing the budget based on set KPIs(key performance indicators).

Initial condition:

  • The service has been on the market for several years,
  • visibility changes negatively with each Google algorithm change,
  • At first glance, on-site SEO is correct,
  • The client is dissatisfied with the previous two agencies – he doesn’t believe in SEO,
  • In the past few years, several hundred thousand zlotys have been spent on “positioning.”
  • The structure of the site is fairly correctly optimized,
  • We give ourselves a year of “hard reset” and start link building all over again – big Disavow,
  • we use and supplement on-site SEO – category descriptions plus new categories,
  • we’re preparing a content medical plan, because that’s what everyone does in this industry,
  • We carry out systematic optimization work on the site,
  • Link building – ONLY top premium portals we are able to acquire, average link cost: PLN 1200 net,
  • We are operating on a similar budget that the client worked on before.


In the chart below, we show a comparison between the number of domains reported in the Disavow Tool file and the actual link building status for the client, as presented in the Ahrefs tool.


case study branza ymyl 1


The chart below shows the client’s history over several years of SEO activities. As you can see, both the initial state of visibility and the final state are virtually the same.

Work performed on the site as part of the positioning process

At the outset, a strategy was prepared for the client, taking into account the activities that must be carried out in progress and the monthly activities to be carried out over the entire period of cooperation. The purpose of clearly dividing these tasks was to improve the baseline quickly – so that the client would increase the budget steadily along with achieving the next milestones for their business.

The scope of work included:

  • Publishing 600 sponsored articles with follow links,
  • Publish 720 blog posts with a range of 7,000-10,000 characters, highly optimized,
  • Preparation and submission of the file to the Disavow Tool – for 354 domains previously linked,
  • the scope of activities, for which about 960 hours have been spent on the scale of activities carried out.


The chart below shows the visibility in the Senuto TOP 10 phrases tool. As we can see, the starting state is about 10,000 phrases in the first two months of operation.


case study branza ymyl 2 e1698961974430


The chart below shows the visibility in the Senuto TOP 10 phrases tool. As we can see, the initial state is about 10,000 phrases. It shows the site’s behavior with successive major algorithm changes – covering the first 8 months of operation.


case study branza ymyl 3 e1698962059744


Achieved results and SEO optimization results

Thanks to the steps taken and the systematic implementation of the strategy, but also thanks to the increase in the budget of the operation over time, both visibility and organic traffic on the site began to increase significantly from the baseline.

The chart below shows the visibility of the TOP 10 service in Senuto during the 2-year cooperation period (10.2019-10.2021).


case study branza ymyl 4 e1698962203567


The chart below shows data from Google Analytics tool (organic traffic), the comparison covers the period 10.2019-10.2021.


case study branza ymyl 5


Summary and conclusions of SEO activities

We began positioning by identifying the activities that would have the greatest impact on the client’s visibility in the short term. To this end, we identified these areas, and given the site’s startup situation, the vast majority of the budget was allocated to these types of activities, namely:

  • Preparing a list of domains that we considered harmful,
  • basic optimization of the site,
  • Quality link acquisition.


The biggest effect of these measures was to stabilize the site’s situation in an upward trend – especially at the time of each major algorithmic change in Google.

Over the course of two years of cooperation, we increased the visibility of the client’s website from 10,000 ke ywords in the TOP 10, to more than 101,000 keywords, which translates into an increase of more than tenfold.

In addition, we increased traffic to the client’s site as measured by Google Analytics from 94,000 sessions to more than 2,500,000 sessions, which translated into an increase of 2, 520%.

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