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Challenges and initial status

A nationwide service is to be created from a dozen local sites, which will be able to compete with other large portals on the subject.

The initial status is as follows:

  • 38+ local services, from which we want to make one nationwide service,
  • 88% of organic traffic comes from a single site.
  • The structure of the site is not prepared for migration,
  • Purchase of a target domain with an average history (links),
  • Link profile on domains: directory links (TOP 1000 from 2010-2013) and other poor quality linking domains,
  • Existing exact match domains – fear of losing position after migration.


Work done as part of the positioning process – first actions:

  • Preparing sites for migration (Disavow, actually 38 Disavow files),
  • Preparation of the client’s domain for migration (Disavow, structure + content),
  • Determining the order and timing of redirections for existing domains,
  • selection of the method of first redirection,
  • further redirection.


In the screenshot below, we show the total number of domains that have been reported to Google using the Disavow Tool.


case study branza hr 1


The chart below compares the visibility of a domain that had 88% organic traffic with the target domain after all pages were redirected to it.


case study branza hr 2 e1698961737198


Work done as part of the positioning process – follow-up:

  • Preparation of descriptions for subpages with job offers – phrases related to the query job + city,
  • Creating additional blog content,
  • Getting rid of content cannibalization in other blog posts,
  • Creating additional content hubs under content related to specific professions and resume templates,
  • Optimization of selected blog posts,
  • Systematic link building over 4 years.


The chart below shows the effects of optimizing 25 blog posts that previously cannibalized each other (data from Google Search Console presented in Looker Studio tool).


case study branza hr 3


The next chart shows the effects of publishing 350 new blog articles on the work of the project implementation (data from Google Search Console).


case study branza hr 4 e1698961671149


Achieved results and SEO optimization results

In the graph below, we can see Google Analytics – Organic Search traffic over the entire period of the project (from the beginning of the activities to the current results). The increased traffic at the beginning of each new year is due to the seasonality that exists in the industry.


case study branza hr 5 e1698961578202


The next chart shows Google Analytics traffic – comparing 10.2018 (six months after redirecting all domains) to 10.2022, summarizing 4 full years of work on the project. The result of this work was an increase in organic sessions from the initial 86,860 to 1,036 , 109, an increase of 1, 092.85% over the 4-year period.


case study branza hr 6 e1698961491350


Summary and conclusions of SEO activities

We started the positioning of the site with a detailed analysis of the site and the creation of a strategy aimed at making a site out of dozens of local sites operating within a single province, which will have the potential and structure to compete at the level of visibility with the largest sites in the country in this regard.

It turned out that the prepared strategy and execution of individual tasks in the right order allowed to increase the visibility of the site from 4380 keywords in the TOP 10 according to Senuto to more than 68,000 keywords.

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