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Challenges and initial status

We began our cooperation with the client featured in the Case Study in March 2023 and it continues today. We began our work with a thorough analysis of the current state of the client’s website in terms of SEO and UX. The client had a very high potential, which our agency decided to exploit.

The chart below shows the status of the domain according to the Senuto tool as of March 1, 2023 and it is 14 keywords in the TOP 10 search results.



sklep bhp 1


In the screenshot below, you can see that organic traffic at the beginning of March 2023 was 182 unique users per month.


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When analyzing the client’s domain, we paid special attention to, among other things:

  • Checking organic traffic and the number of keywords in the index,
  • Checking the correctness of the Meta Title and Meta Description,
  • Responsive domain and Mobile Friendly adaptation,
  • Google PageSpeed Insights page speed,
  • Site indexing in Google Search Console,
  • Finding and isolating sites with cannibalization,
  • Analyze the number and quality of backlinks leading to the domain,
  • Checking and analyzing the quality of content on the client’s website,
  • Analyze the most important factors and points affecting User Experience,
  • Analyze the structure and architecture of the domain navigation menu,
  • Analyze the competitors of the client’s website.


The analysis of the site gave us an overall picture of the technical status, On-Page and Off-Page SEO. It allowed us to isolate the client’s most important competitors and to take the direction in which we intended to lead our activities.

Overarching project goals and SEO priorities

The overarching goal for the client’s website on the Internet was to increase visibility on the most important keywords for the industry and to build an expert image according to E-E-A-T guidelines. The activities as a whole were expected to translate into an increase in the site’s organic traffic and, as a result, an increase in the conversion of our client’s online store.

We began our work on the site by building the structure and architecture of the site based on a previously performed analysis. We created a list of the most important keywords for the industry, based on which a new navigation menu for the domain was created.

We then did research, which allowed us to realize the guidelines for the text for the site’s home page. This resulted in high-quality content with internal linking implemented for the most important subpage on the site, the home page.

At the same time, we worked on optimizing the metadata on our client’s website. We developed a relevant Meta Title and Meta Description for each subpage stocked with the most important keywords.

After this step, we started implementing the new navigation menu in parallel with link building activities. We used the WhitePress platform to acquire high-quality links. Each menu subpage had to contain high-quality content. We created separate guidelines for each position – based on these we created content, which we then implemented with appropriate internal linking.

In June 2023, we decided to create and implement a FAQ for each subpage, or “Frequently Asked Questions,” and label them structurally accordingly.

Achieved results and SEO optimization results

Thanks to the implemented steps, organic traffic and the number of keywords in the index began to increase from the first months of the measures we took.

The screenshot below shows the state of visibility as of June 1, 2023. The result of our work for that time was 177 keywords in the TOP 10 of search results.


sklep bhp 3


The site’s status at the time indicated organic traffic of 2480 unique visitors per month, as shown in the screenshot below from the Ahrefs tool.


sklep bhp 4 e1698962565683


Due to the characteristics of the industry, the client decided to reduce the budget for the holiday season-July, August and September-which carried over into the first rebound of strong visibility gains.

This period lasted from about August 11 to September 11, 2023, you can see in the screenshot below.


sklep bhp 5


This phenomenon is natural and healthy for the site. There has been a resurgence of previous strong increases in visibility since the beginning of the partnership.

In mid-September, the site’s visibility for key phrases and organic traffic returned to an upward trend.

The current state of visibility of key phrases in Google’s index is as follows:


sklep bhp 6 e1698962610951


Our client’s service can be seen at:

  • 152 keywords in the TOP 3 of search results,
  • 609 keywords in the TOP 10 search results,
  • 4 K keywords in the TOP 50 search results.


According to the Senuto tool, these results translate into organic traffic of 12,000 visitors per month. To achieve such results with Google Ads, a customer would have to spend £15,500 per month.

The following screenshot from the Ahrefs tool shows the current site specifications:


sklep bhp 7


They are as follows:

  • The power of the site as measured by the Domain Rating parameter is 9 and growing,
  • The power that a site is able to convey, as measured by the URL Rating parameter, is 11 and growing,
  • The number of backlinks leading to the client’s site is 590
    and growing,
  • The number of referring domains from which the acquired links originate is 194
    and is constantly growing.


The site’s visibility as measured by key phrases according to the Ahrefs tool is 4,000. It is worth noting that the Ahrefs tool measures all keywords for which the site is visible. Also those above the 50th ranking.

Organic traffic according to the Ahrefs tool is 12,600 unique visitors per month.

The similar results presented by the two tools underscore the reliability of the measures we have taken.

Summary and conclusions of SEO activities

We started the positioning with a thorough SEO and UX audit. It showed us the possibilities and the direction in which we should start taking action. Successive link building and implementation of quality content on the site allows the domain to build trust, reputation and position of authority in the industry. This is an extremely important factor in modern SEO.

We have increased visibility from the initial 14 keywords to 609 in the TOP 10 search results, an increase of 4250%. Organic traffic increased from 182 users to 12,600 visits per month, an increase of 6823%.

On the visibility chart – in both the Senuto and Ahrefs tools – one can see an upward trend with a healthy period of unwinding. We are confident that our actions will translate into successive increases in visibility, organic traffic and conversions for our client.

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